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Please read the rules.

Accommodation in Kon-Tiki:

  • Cancellation policy.
    There are 2 rates in our hotel:
    - When booking at a rate with a free cancellation, the guest has the right to cancel his reservation for 14 days without penalty. If canceled up to 14 days or less, a penalty of 1 night will be charged.
    - When booking at a non-refundable rate, the cost of the entire reservation can be withheld at any time. Payment is not refundable

  • Check-in time is 14.00, check-out time is 12.00 local time.

  • Breakfast order until 18:30, next day delivery from 7:00.

  • Early check-in at early arrival at the hotel is possible only by agreement with the hotel for an additional fee, and is subject to availability.
    -guaranteed early check-in paid 50% of the first night

    - late check-out from 12.00 to 18.00 - payment of 50% of the cost of the last day - late check-out after 18.00 - 100% of the cost of the day.

  • Payment for accommodation is made on the day of arrival in cash or by bank transfer, depending on the chosen tariff.

  • Check-in to a room in excess of the maximum number of residents indicated in the reservation is not allowed.

  • Guests who do not have an identity document with them cannot be settled,
    or in a state of extreme alcohol or drug intoxication.

  • The guest who is checking into the hotel must be at least 18 years old. Minors can be checked into the hotel only accompanied by their parents, legal representatives or by a notarized power of attorney

  • Children under 14 years old, as well as animals without supervision are not allowed in the room.

  • Unauthorized guests who are not registered at the hotel are not allowed to stay at the hotel. Access by unauthorized persons to registered guests of the hotel in the room is allowed no later than 21:00

  • For safe storage of your valuables, use a safe. It is not recommended to leave valuables in the hotel room; the hotel administration is not responsible for their loss.

  • It is strictly forbidden:
    - give keys or give the guest room number to unregistered persons. For the loss of the key, a fine of 800 rubles is imposed.
    - accommodation with animals (in case there is no agreement with the administration for the placement of the pet)
    - smoking in the room, as in the whole hotel (an additional fee for cleaning the room in which smoked was 1,500 rubles)
    - disturb guests from other rooms.

  • In the period from 21: 00-8: 00 the hotel has the night SILENCE mode: you need to mute the sound of the TV as much as possible, to avoid loud conversations and sounds.

  • When leaving the room, it is necessary to close all windows and doors, turn off the lights and electrical appliances allowed by the administration.

  • At the end of the stay, the room will be accepted by the duty administrator. In case of damage or loss of hotel property, the perpetrator is obliged to indemnify according to the current hotel property.

  • Each guest is required to familiarize themselves with these rules of accommodation at the hotel, as well as the mandatory and security requirements posted at the reception.

  • For foreign citizens, we provide visa support and registration.
    Invitation for a visa -1500 RUB.

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