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Frequently asked Questions:

How does settlement happen?

No hotels in Kon-tiki. The administrator greets each guest personally and is in touch the rest of the time.

For this reason, it is advisable to inform us in advance of your estimated arrival time .
If you arrived earlier than the time of check-in, we will offer to leave your luggage or check in immediately if possible. Guaranteed early check-in is paid extra in the amount of 50% of the cost of the day of your reservation and gives the right to check in at any convenient time from 8:00.

What is the difference between hotel rooms?

The filling and the set of services of all hotel rooms is identical. The difference lies in the floor of the location, the size of the room and the number of guests that can accommodate.

Is there a shower, toilet and kitchen in the room?

Can I leave luggage before check-in or after check-out?

В объектах ( кроме Апартаментов на ул. Казанской 8-10 и пр. Дальневосточный 6к.1) есть место для хранения багажа. Вы можете оставить вещи до заселения или после выезда и вернуться за ними, оговорив удобное время
с администратором.

Does the hotel have parking?

The hotels do not have their own parking, but each of them has a private courtyard, where you can park your car for free space. In this case, be sure to make a request - the number of parking spaces is limited.

You can park your car in the surrounding streets. But keep in mind that parking may be chargeable.

What are the possible payment methods?

We accept cash, cards: visa, mastercard, maestro, union pay,

as well as we can send you an invoice for payment

by bank transfer.

In all hotels, except for Guest rooms on Nekrasov, rooms are equipped with a dignity. nodes.

In the hotel on Stremyannaya and Nevsky / Italian in a room besides a dignity. The host with shower also has a kitchenette.

The hotel on Galernaya in the room has a dignity. node, but a separate guest kitchen area is located.

Guest rooms on Nekrasov have a block system - two rooms in one block, two more in another

and fifth separately.

The kitchen-living room on Nekrasov is located equidistant from these rooms. Three dignity. node in a separate zone.


How to book a room in a particular design?

Within each category of hotel rooms we have presented different designs. And when booking, we can guarantee only a category, not a specific design. But, if you really liked a certain number, then you can leave a wish and we will try very hard to take it into account.

Is it possible to fulfill special wishes?

We will be happy to help you with the organization. For best results, contact us in advance.

(at least 2 days before the date)

and coordinate everything you need.

How to find us ?

All our hotels and guest houses are located in the central part of St. Petersburg, which

Especially popular among tourists and business travelers.

You can find the location of a particular Kon-Tiki hotel on the page of each of them.

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