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Price list

Damage Price List

to order No. 03 of 04/12/2015



  • Compensation: damage to the double sheet 1600.00 rub.

  • compensation: damage to one sheet 1200.00 rub

  • compensation: damage to pillowcases 400.00 rub

  • Compensation: damage to bathroom accessories 1800.00 rub

  • compensation: damage to the duvet cover 1200.00 rub.

  • Compensation: damage to the seat with an elevator for the case 4500.00 rub.

  • additional cleaning using harsh chemicals. funds 2000.00 rub.

  • Compensation: damage to a large towel 800.00 rub

  • Compensation: damage to the average towel 500.00 rub

  • Compensation: damage to foot towels 500.00 rub.

  • Chemical reagent carpet cleaning 250.00 rub

  • Extra washing of the laundry kit 300.00 rub

  • Extra topper wash 300.00 rub

  • Extra wash mattress cover 300.00 rub

  • broken dishes 1 unit 300.00 rub

  • loss of room key 800.00 rub

  • loss of a keychain from a parking lot 2500.00 rub

  • damage to furniture, sofa upholstery, walls, ceiling and floor. coverage depending on the type of damage


Dear guests, in order to avoid unpleasant moments during your stay, we ask you to carefully treat the property of the hotel!

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